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Sports Hypnosis


About Sports Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used in sport for at least the last 50 years, and has recently seen a renewed interest from professional and amateur sportsmen and women who are looking for that extra edge to beat the competition. Indeed many famous athletes now use hypnosis (mind) coaches alongside their other fitness trainers as they recognise the importance of mind power in sport.

It is widely acknowledged that up to 90% of success in any sport can be attributed to your mind.  In order to achieve success you must first believe you can, just as you train your body, you can train your mind.

While the ability of hypnosis to transform athletes in well-known it is still a somewhat underutilised training method.  The benefits of sports hypnosis are far more numerous than mere confidence and goal setting, for example you can develop technique, reactions and focus without leaving your living room.  Through hypnosis techniques it is possible to tap in to your bodies’ optimum potential and achieve success you could have previously not have envisaged.


Jason works with all levels of sportsmen and women, whether they are professional, amateur or people who play sports as a hobby, working with both individuals and in sports teams/clubs (in conjunction with team coaches).


Improve Technique

The single most important part of sports enhancement for most sports must be technique.  Using hypnosis techniques you can study and mirror the techniques of famous proponents of your sport, you can hone in and develop your own skills further while throwing away techniques that are imperfect or are considered not up to standard.  Whether it is a golfer perfecting that perfect smooth swing, the snooker player perfecting the perfect stance and cue action or the martial artist executing the perfect strike, the benefits of technique enhancement are easily seen and very rewarding.


Improve Focus

Through hypnosis techniques you will learn how to focus in on the specific skills your sport requires.  If an opponent is involved you can study and learn their cues that give away their strategy.  Focus in on the attributes your sport requires and ignore any unnecessary distractions or stimuli.  Learn to remain focused under any adverse conditions or circumstances, through hypnosis you can train or prepare for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely it may be.


Eliminate Fears & Doubts

Eliminate any fears of your sport or elements associated with it.  You could be anxious about an upcoming event or match, fearful of an upcoming opponent or team or weary of possible injury.  Eliminate any doubts you may have in your physical or mental ability. To achieve, you first have to believe you can.


Improve Reactions

Where a sport requires other players or an opponent, then reactions can be a key to success, they can make a good competitor in to a great competitor.  You may have all the physical tools but if you can’t react to an opponents move or shot then you will ultimately not become the best you can be.  Imagine if you could react to an opponents move in a split second, or even anticipate an opponents move before they execute. Reactions are an important, often overlooked, aspect of sports enhancement.


Increase Power

At first glance this might sound rather fanciful, how can people increase power by mere hypnosis?  Quite simply, power is not just brute strength, you do not have to be physically massive to execute feats of explosive power. Think of a martial artist, they may be small in stature but they can demonstrate great feats of power, they do this by channeling energy and concentrating it into one area of their body for a specific purpose, the same ends can be achieved through the use of hypnotic techniques. Of course not every sport would require this, though you would be surprised how many could benefit from this type of channeled energy.


Increase Motivation

Do you lack the desire to become the best you can be?  Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to train regularly?  Do you wish you had the ‘killer instinct’ that some sports stars possess?  Do you find it difficult coming back from a loss? When you have your mind on track then your body soon falls in line, after all your mind controls your body, if the signals your mind sends are not good ones then the output will not be good either.  Through hypnosis techniques you certainly can acquire what you desire.


Goal Visualisation

Everybody has goals in their chosen sport and in life in general, it might be just to enjoy their sport to the fullest or it might be to become the best they can be.  Through hypnosis and goal visualisation you can create your future. You are responsible for creating your own future, hypnosis gives you the tools to make it happen.